Friday, 10 February 2012

Cover Story

I love this cover - the cocktails scare me a bit and what kind of reckless wench brings a blackberry to the beach? - but other than that I love it. I particularly like how the girls look topless in their thumbnail form because this has caused much hilarity on facebook and Twitter. I can't remember which of my friends noticed it first. But I can guess.

What's interesting is that a buyer from Waterstones was stunned that I liked it. I think she expected me to be talking the book up beyond a bikini shot but this, the fourth 'look' I've been given by Penguin, is spot on. It's about young women, friendship and romance. There's a wedding. A billionaire. Would you read a book like this and expect it to have a subplot about a family's horrific experience of advanced Alzheimers? Possibly not, and that's not what the book's about, but that buyer at Waterstone's expected me, as the author, to want the more substantial themes of the book front and centre. When I pointed out to her that the girls look topless in thumbnail form she thought I was complaining. I made it clear to her I wasn't.

I write primarily to entertain but I hope that the values and qualities my characters portray through their actions are inspirational just as I was inspired by Lucky Santangelo, Nancy Drew and Madonna. None of whom would take a Blackberry to the beach, at least without some kind of sleeve.

At the end of my first book, How to be Famous, our heroine is faced with a decision. I based Lynsey's choices on her need for independence and adventure, then while editing I added a postscript concerning romance, because sometimes I forget that romance novels need a happy ending and in this genre that means having someone else to love, but in real life the most significant relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. And possibly your Blackberry.

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