Friday, 10 February 2012

Cover Story

I love this cover - the cocktails scare me a bit and what kind of reckless wench brings a blackberry to the beach? - but other than that I love it. I particularly like how the girls look topless in their thumbnail form because this has caused much hilarity on facebook and Twitter. I can't remember which of my friends noticed it first. But I can guess.

It's about young women, friendship and romance. There's a wedding. A billionaire. Would you read a book like this and expect it to have a subplot about a family's horrific experience of advanced Alzheimers? Possibly not.  I write primarily to entertain but I hope that the values and qualities my characters portray through their actions are inspirational just as I was inspired by Lucky Santangelo, Nancy Drew and Madonna. None of whom would take a Blackberry to the beach, at least without some kind of sleeve.

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