Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Goodbye Alison Bond

In just under a month my fourth novel, Sweet Little Lies, will be published. A story of best friends: Chrissie, who will ruin a man's life just because she can, and Anna, who stands in her way. It is about love and about lies and the way they last forever.

This will be my final book with Penguin*. In May I will become a brand new new woman, and hopefully a new woman's brand, when Canvas at Constable and Robinson publish Summer of Secrets.

I got married a couple of years ago but I never got round to changing my name because a) I would continue to write as Alison Bond and b) it seemed like a lot of paperwork, but still she is slipping away from me, one identifying document at a time. I am in the process of changing my Twitter account and it doesn't get more serious than that. It's been a while, Alison Bond and me. I live out in the wilds a few miles from the market town of my birth and at least once a month I drive past my old sixth form college, an inspirational fairytale gothic hall that has been boarded up and sold off for luxury retirement apartments. Things change.

I am dazzled by the good fortune I had to land seven years of advice and encourgement from the team at Penguin. They really did make my dreams come true.

At the heart of Sweet Little Lies is a search for identity, alongside the search for love, and so I have been thinking a lot about how to say goodbye to Alison Bond and it is like this: by standing proudly next to the things that she wrote, hopeful that she is loved beyond measure, and then facing the future as somebody new.

Click the book on the right to pre-order a discounted copy of Sweet Little Lies from the Book Depository.

(* for now)


AEBMcN said...

As a fellow Alison Bond I feel your dilemma. I too got married a few years ago but I didn't want to stop being a Bond girl, it is after all a very cool name, so we decided to merge, I added his name to mine and he added mine to his and we are very happy with the result. Best wishes with your writing. Alison Bond McNally.

Alb said...

Good luck Bond! I bought your book, put it on my shelf and told all my friends I'd written a novel. So don't go changing your name now!

Good luck, ;)