Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Goodbye and good luck.

I am usually lurking on Twitter and not blogging much here but my annual report on Cheryl Tweedy Cole is well timed as she leaves our shores for the golden lights of Hollywood. Admittedly, my annual reports have not shown much consistency or prescience. From the inaugural blog on why she was right to stay with Ashley and my polemic on why she's a wonderful role model I go back and forth. But I wish her well in America and I respect her for reaching for the stars. Not since Vivienne Leigh was cast as Scarlett O'Hara has a dimpled British girl been launched on the American public on quite the same scale.

The rise and rise of Cheryl Cole has to mean she is a nice person, otherwise the world is made wrong. She must be good to work with, reliable, fun. She doesn't come across like that because of the amount of hairspray she uses and some of the clothes she wears, but I am willing to bet that she's an absolute treat. Why else would Cowell be hitching his wagon to hers in such a public fashion? Apart from the fact that he's clearly in love with her of course. Or at least thinks he is. I suspect their chemistry is based on the fact that they are both smokers in a society that frowns upon the habit and so those illicit ciggies that they have together (which will become even more covert and frantic in Los Angeles) are intense moments of stolen pleasure. That kind of thing can mess with your head.

He has a fiancee. She has a special friend called Derek. So they are just buddies. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't look like a 27 year old version of every girlfriend he's ever had. The flirty banter between the pair of them makes me want to scratch out my own cheeks.

But here's to Cheryl Tweedy Cole
May she never draw the dole.

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