Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Alphabet

It has just come to my attention that due to the nature of my surname I am first in lovely and talented Keris Stainton's list of writer blogs. Which means I should update here as soon as I can. And I will, I will. But right now I am trying to negotiate a two year old who is trying to go out for a walk 'just to the jam man' with a fistful of coins and simultaneously restrain a ten month old eager to swallow the coins which escape the aforementioned fist.

And, you know, write a book. So those of you who are visiting because you like my books please browse the archive, there's some good stuff (somewhere, maybe) and for those of you who are procrastinating while you really should be working on that book of your own I can only repeat a piece of advice the great Jackie Collins once gave me:

Just get on with it.

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