Friday, 18 December 2009

Looking for Oscar

One of my favourite daydreams is collecting an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (or Adaption actually, I'm not fussy). It could happen. When you look at the winners over the last decade there have been some small quirky films in there, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine and some Brits, Peter Morgan, Julian Fellowes. So it could happen.

Obviously I'd have to write a screenplay first, then get it made, then get nominated. I do realise that.

You may not know that I spent three years gaining a 'degree' in Scriptwriting for Film and Television, my major project being a London set romantic comedy so embarrassingly awful that I once decided to rewrite it and changed my mind once I reread it with a red pen in hand and found I was left with one good line and a decent sex scene. I also adapted Be Nice, a great young adult novel by Anabel Donald for a well respected film company but it never got out of development. Those are my two previous efforts and I'm currently getting serious about my third.

I am a novelist first and foremost, but a few weeks ago I watched Last Chance Harvey starring two of my absolute top tier movie stars, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, and found it so mediocre it was actually inspiring. A real example of why aspiring writers should read (or watch) everything they can, good and bad. Seriously, by the end of it as I had to watch them walking along the South Bank chatting one more time I was moaning softly in boredom. I know I can do better than that.

Two years ago, after the birth of my first child I started making notes for a possible novel, I love the idea but something about it never felt quite right. Until I started thinking about it as a film and not a book. Then something clicked and I find myself thinking of scenes instead of chapters, thinking visually, thinking romantically and comically and thinking of films I love like Terms of Endearment, Pieces of April and Moonstruck.

I am excited. I haven't written a film for five years. Now, what shall I wear for the red carpet.....

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