Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Reluctant Cinderella

I've been watching a lot of America's Next Top Model recently and around the third week of every season (sorry, "cycle") the dozen or so wannabe models are all given a makeover. There's always one or two girls who totally freak out, usually about getting their hair cut drastically short, and find it nigh on impossible to adjust to their new look. But Tyra knows best, she's the expert, and so it is in this spirit I turn my books over to the good people of Penguin and let them package me as they see fit.

Deep breath.

It's a great title, and a cute cover (cute! oh my...) but it just doesn't seem particularly, well, me. I was crazy about my second incarnation (Buy now while stocks last!) but soon those covers will be no more, much like the long luscious locks of Jaeda, Catie, Fo and all the rest. Do I want to be the drama queen who bitches and complains about my new look? No, I do not. I am the cool cucumber who lets those that know best do their job while I go back to doing mine,

Or watching more daytime television.

Love it? Hate it? Don't give a flying.....?

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Debs Riccio said...

The cover is spangly and gives off a definite chick-lit feel and I'd still only buy after I'd read the blurb on the back. A lot of covers belie the real guts of a belter.