Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Things that have happened since my last post:

1. My third novel has a new title and a new cover.
2. I became a full trained mentor for a charity called Kids Company.
3. I gave birth to a baby boy called Jimmy.

But what I really want to talk about is this year's X-factor.

I welcome X Factor. Watching a young woman from a small town hit the high note in a key change during a diva ballad never fails to bring forth abundant tears of joy. This year I have developed a girl crush on Dannii (the hair! the clothes! the smile!) but on Saturday she disappointed me. Not for the reasons that made the paper, but for her continued prejudice towards ex-stripper girlband, Kandy Rain. Perhaps they reminded her of a past indiscretion she'd much rather we all forgot. Similar to the way I cringe if anyone mentions Kennington Tube in the presence of my friend Sean who then unfailingly recounts the story of how I jumped down the stairs there on my twenty-first birthday, so drunk on champagne I momentarily thought I could fly.

Kandy Rain got judged horrifically on that show, fostering the unfair attitude that all strippers are sluts and that dancing for money is something to be terribly ashamed of. It forced them to renounce an entertainment that thousands of honest, sexy, tax-paying women provide. Yet at the same time, the truly awful prospect that was Project A (no link, wouldn't do that to anyone) were allowed to be proud of cheerleading. Both cheerleaders and strippers are employed to titillate their audience. If they're very good at heir job they work their audience up into a frenzy. At least entertainers like Kandy Rain have the decency to take their clothes off. Thankfully, Louis saw the light and chose the strippers over the cheerleaders. And I'd like to think that any female fancying mate of mine (including Sean of the Kennington flyby) would do the same.

So Dannii is on a warning with me. Otherwise I'll take my business across the street and go back to crushing on Simon.

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