Friday, 25 September 2009

My wedding day

I have been absent from the blog and from life in general really as I have happily been finishing off Friendship Never Ends, my latest novel for the lovely people at Penguin. I did find the time to discover Twitter though, and that was a worthwhile enterprise. I thought I'd finally post a photograph to brighten up the place. This is me on the morning of my wedding.

As a little girl I can honestly say I never had wedding day fantasies, nor as a teenager, nor even when I fell in love. I only really felt the urge to marry after I had his children, I felt like our family was the bundle in a spotted handkerchief and that a knot needed to be tied. Getting married in New York was something we decided to do without much forethought. In retrospect it was perfect for us. In retrospect it was my dream wedding.

I would like to add to this blog more regularly from now on. I'm taking a short break from writing books to have another baby so blogging should be a good way to keep my brain limber.

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