Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Where do we go from here?

I am still searching for an identity. For this blog I mean, not for myself. Having found myself on twitter on more that one occasion I have discovered a whole community of writers out there with blogs that seem to tell me something about who they are, what they are about. I feel a little bit like I am back at school, wanting to be 'in' with the crowd but not feeling like sharing that much about myself. Why? A fear of judgement or a fear of rejection? Maybe. But I find that hard to believe, I think I am okay with judgement and rejection, I think as a writer you have to be. So I cast my mind back to being back at school and why I always felt that my perceived popularity was a sham. Because I kept secrets. Secrets about what I thought, how I was feeling, about who I was. And I know that I still do that now, I like to do that. My secrets are good company.

Is that not healthy? Isn't it the same for everyone?

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