Thursday, 25 June 2009

Welcome back, Jordan!

In the jungle Peter Andre told Katie Price to put Jordan back in the box. And she tried. She really did. Nobody can doubt that. For the last few years she has been Katie Price, devoted mother of three, all pony club and country pursuits, rarely seen on the club scene, and we all liked Katie just fine. But Jordan was never going to stay in that box forever. She is as much a part of Katie as her children, a creation that made her happy, that made her fortune and that she never fell out of love with. Let’s face it, Jordan has been in Katie’s life far longer than Peter.

Peter has frequently condemned Katie’s former partying lifestyle, saying in various interviews and in his autobiography - ‘I don’t trust her when she’s drinking. It makes our relationship vulnerable.’ – which says far less about her drinking habits than about his own insecurities. When they met she was in her twenties, now she has just recently entered her thirties and who could blame her if she felt old before her time? The pressures of being a hugely successful working mum surely must demand some me-time and if that includes unwinding over a few cocktails in a Brighton nightclub then it’s horrid to have the man who claims to love you telling you “no”. Defiance and alcohol are a potent combination.

The last week in Ibiza was about Katie reclaiming her youth, her friends, her love of life, perhaps trying to claw back those lost years of her twenties, precious years that she spent in love with Peter Andre. Reclaiming Jordan, gold lamé playsuit and all. I doubt very much that she was the most underdressed woman in BoHo that night. Or the most intoxicated. Was Katie right when she said of her hedonistic week that ‘loads’ of women would do the same thing after a split? Yes, going out with your mates in an effort to drown your heartbreak is one of the more predictable things Katie Price has done in her eventful life.

Katie and Jordan are inseparable. There’s a weepy scene in Dirty Dancing where Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman tells her father, ‘If you love me, you have to love all the things about me.’ Problem is, despite breathing new life into his utterly obsolete career, Peter Andre never did.

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