Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Just Jade

Jade Goody is dying. She has chosen to share this, for money, with the readers of a national newspaper and viewers of Living TV. So what? She is dying. She can do what the hell she likes.

In 2002 I was working at Channel 4 when Jade Goody was unleashed on the nation as a contestant on the reality show Big Brother. Watching her was part of my job that summer. I took to Jade immediately, a young vivacious girl, often thoughtless, sometimes idiotic, but never scheming, never secretive. Jade is the opposite of an enigma, everything is out there on her sleeve, her heart, her opinions, and now - tragically - her cancer. Those that criticize her for making media deals would clearly prefer that she suffered in private. I can only assume that seeing the raw and brutal truth about this evil disease makes them uncomfortable. Oh dear, what a shame.

In today's newspaper Jade defends her decision to sell her story, acknowledging that she has a limited time to provide some security for her two young sons. I think Jade is a star, I can only hope and pray she continues to shine. I don't feel it is necessary for her to defend herself at all.

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