Wednesday, 30 July 2008

what is glamour?

My agent says that she doesn't know if I'm glamorous enough. I asked her to consider that maybe I am bringing myself down to her level when we chat and when I put the phone down I replace my clip-on earrings, fix myself an apple martini and listen to old Ella Fitzgerald 78's. But she was unconvinced. What of my urban warrior lifestyle, I demanded, what of my massive carbon footprint and my hollywood husband? But no, apparently because I get my £400 handbags from friends instead of Selfridges I am "down-to-earth". This is quite possibly the worst thing anyone has said to me all week.

But I looked in the mirror and saw my denim cut offs and dayglo yellow vest (Mexico es Para Los Amores), my default wardrobe during these last few hot days and wondered if she has a point. Rita Hayworth was glamour and you'd never see her sporting such white trash apparel. Is Amy Whitehouse glamorous? Yes, in a Janis Joplin, Courtney Love kind of way. So if I just take shitloads of drugs I can keep wearing this scanty outfit but be glamorous nonetheless. Stars like Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz are famously down to earth and congratulated as such, but they are indisputably glamorous too. That's the answer, I can be both!

I was on the phone within moments to rally the troops and have arranged brunch at The Wolseley and drinks in Soho over the next 24 hours. But maybe I'll change what I'm wearing first.

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