Tuesday, 15 July 2008

If I wasn't me...

I read an interview with a US agent recently about how the blog has become an invaluable tool for wannabe (or more politely want-to-be) writers. Looking back on my own time as an agent I can see why. It has always been standard practice to ask a writer to send a CV as well as those all important sample chapters and synopsis in order to learn something about the writer as well as the writing. Nowadays a blog says it all. It is a way of saying, this is me, this is how I write, this is what I think. Any prospective publisher can immediately grasp who you are and what you are about. An uber-CV if you like.

Woe betide the blogger who does not blog from the heart. I read a number of blogs by unpublished authors and the best are those with an authentic personality, utterly consistent with the kind of work they are producing. A funny comedy writer, or a soulful poet. I prefer blogs about readers and not cheques, passion and not prizes, when they enthuse about their writing instead of curse about the bastards 'out there' not recognising their genius. Although of course the inevitable muse about where to go from here, the rant over the unfinished project, is part of the writing life it is only a small part. We all know the biggest part don't we?*

I very much recommend the new element I have added in my blog up there on the top left hand side, a word count for the current novel so that all the world can see when I am writing and when I am just writing about writing. I lifted it from Keris Stainton's blog. And if I could figure out how to do that damn link thing I'd link to her here, as Keris has a fabulous blog that is saturated with her hopes, her humour, her family and her heart. It won't change the world but it is self-indulgent without being egocentric, sweet without being trite. It makes me want to read her. It makes me wish I was an agent still so that I could represent her. Even though I haven't read her book. Yet. I'm confident that one day I'll be able to buy Keris in all good bookstores.

And me? Well I don't need a deal. Thank god. But if I did then this blog would contain a lot more stories about sex.

*duh, writing

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