Wednesday, 4 June 2008

return of the amazon

I delivered the new draft of Book 4 on monday morning and all week I have been feeling a little adrift. Since the girl was born I have been running to the computer every time she sleeps and now, when she sleeps, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with myself. Book 5? No, not yet, I need a little breather. Daytime television? No, doesn't feel right and anyway Big Brother hasn't started yet so there's really nothing on. Surf the internet? No, surprisingly unpleasant when it's not procrastination. Housework? Well, no, because then what would I do as a spectatator sport for the girl later? Obviously, shopping, walking, exploring this city and her various cultural pursuits are all impossible because leaving the girl asleep in the cot and heading off out is not that done thing (though come on, she'd be fine) Hmmm, what on earth do I do? It is all odd and new to me, this dead time, and feels rather depressing. Until I remember something that I used to do, once, a long time ago. Read. In the middle of the day. Not just in bed at night. Read and read. So I've just had a big old amazon splurge, the likes of which I may not have again for some time, and now I'm sitting here wishing I'd gone for overnight delivery instead of supersaver because they might not come for three days. From David Foster Wallace to Marian Keyes, those books are coming. And I cannot wait.

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