Monday, 23 June 2008

Lemonade into laptops doesn't go

For the last few years I have noticed a pattern when it comes to my health and my writing. When I deliver a new manuscript I wake up the next day with a cold. I'm ridiculously predictable in this regard. I will type that final full stop and I can feel my throat tickling before the last page has rolled off the printer. It's clear to me that my body, mind and spirit are in cahoots and my body kindly wards off ailments until I have a convenient window in my schedule.

But something rather strange is occurring, while my body languishes with it's annual cold, my computer chooses this ideal opportunity to sicken too. True, both times have been 100% human error (aka my fault). A year ago I picked up my laptop by the screen and it cracked, and last week in a personal pinnacle of stupidity I sloshed a glass of ice cold lemon, lime and bitters over the keyboard.

When I get a cold I think it's my body's way of telling me to rest for a while. Is the "accidental" destruction of the tool of my trade in case I didn't get the memo?

Alas, the lemon, lime and bitters incident rendered my Toshiba Portege permanently obselete, but worry not as today the nice man from DHL delivered a replacement from the other nice man at ebay.

Wow. And again Wow. Computers sure have grown up since the last time I bought one. This one weighs about the same as a teabag for starters and is so sexy, skinny and shiny that at first I mistook it for Megan Fox.

So my cold has gone, I have a new laptop, and it's a monday. Looks like I need to get back to work. A few more notes have arrived from the Penguins on Book 3, nothing too onerous, while the search for an alternative title continues. Book 4 is shaping up nicely and the Primo-bitch character is fantastic fun to write.

Meanwhile the sun is shining and no beverage is more refreshing (or more efficient at destroying circuit boards) than the one detailed below:

1 large glass of lemonade
1 glug of lime cordial
A generous shake of angostura bitters

Mix and drink (carefully)

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