Monday, 16 June 2008

clever? moi?

I suggested a new title for book 4 to my agent and editor. Agent 'rather liked it' which from my Cowell-esque agent is high praise. But editor is 'musing'. She said she wasn't sure if it was right for a book so, quote, 'clever and beautifully written'.

But...but...flattering though that is, clever and beautifully written is not who I am. Flimsy and fabulous perhaps. Or even smart and sexy. If they want clever and beautifully written then I can do that too, but that's not what this is! And anyone who picks up the book wanting it to be so is likely to be sorely disappointed. So I am confused. i am trying to crack on with the next book, working title Broadcast Whores (BW) but editors response has thrown me a bit. With each new sentence I'm thinking, is it clever? is it beautiful? Oh the pressure. It's like being a clever and beautiful fifteen year old all over again. I write what I write because it is FUN and I would hope that's why you read it.

Who am I?

A cab driver once asked me what I did and when I described my books to him he said - ooh, you're like a chavvy author - and I loved that description. I want glitter on my front covers and lots of !!!!! in my reviews. Hell, being clever and beautiful is just my day job.

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