Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Big Night Out

Last night I was lucky enought to be invited to the premiere of the new Sex and the City film. The party after the Leicester Square screening was at Old Billingsgate Market, a venue on the banks of the Thames with spectacular views of Tower Bridge (party tip: these days smokers get all the best views). SJP was there, entertainment was provided by the Sugababes and there was an acrobat hanging upside down from the ceiling pouring glasses of champagne – no, seriously. Also the party was the best catered event I have ever been to.

Non-stop canap├ęs, from tiny eggs benedict the size of pennies, to small dishes of risotto and cones of steak and chips. A heaving buffet, with oysters, langoustines, roast beef, pommes dauphinoise, artichoke salad, and much much more. Then the desserts, shot glasses of chocolate mousse, towers of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fresh fruit with pecan nuts.

And let’s not forget this is the Sex and the City premiere, starring a woman whose waist is as thin as my ankle.

I walked around the room (I couldn’t help but wander) and my attention was grabbed by a group of twenty-somethings pushing two tables together and having a slap up meal for eight. They piled the food high onto plates and sat down properly with knives and forks, clearly unable to believe their luck. Meanwhile I’m standing chatting to an exhibitor balancing my silver clutch bag, a cosmopolitan and a cone of steak and chips, while wishing for a third hand.

Twelve years ago I ate my first oyster at the premiere for Batman Forever (the one with George Clooney) and my friends and I did the exact same thing as these twenty-somethings, ignored the room and concentrated on eating, drinking and being merry. Last night I met many interesting people but I would have much rather been with my friends, and when you are slaving in your twenties in a brand new city for no money and sexy perks like premieres your colleagues become your friends. So every party rocks.

I don’t know who those twenty-somethings were last night. But they looked like they were having the most fun of anyone there. And though I felt old and a bit dull, it was good to think back to parties past and appreciate the good times we had.

And the film? Well, I loved it. But I knew I would. It’s Sex and the City. It’s Carrie and Big, it’s Steve and Miranda, Charlotte and Harry, Samantha and Smith. It’s fashion and cocktails and friendship. It’s downtown, midtown and yellow cabs, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. What, and I mean WHAT, is not to love?

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