Saturday, 5 April 2008


I paused and rewound outside a bookshop yesterday when I noticed that Nick Hornby has a new book out (SLAM, probably very good but I'm devouring journalism memoirs right now as I prep for book 4) I was surprised because I didn't know that Hornby's book was coming. I was appalled when I realised that this is merely the paperback edition and that this book came out a year ago. A YEAR! And I didn't even notice. In a previous life I would have known about it first. Nick Hornby used to be my boss's top client. I once stayed up all night reading a draft manuscript of HOW TO BE GOOD (excellent) so that I could be one the very first people in the world to do so. And now he has had a book out there for a YEAR and the first I knew of it was a rain-splattered dash down Peckham High Street with my Pliko Pramette fore, racing to pick up the drycleaning before the shop closed.

Things have got to change.

I love being a yummy mummy but I miss being Little Miss Zeitgeist. I need to get my finger on the pulse once more, I need to be at the cutting edge, the forefront of media fashion, the dawn of the entertainment trend. The drycleaning can wait.

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