Thursday, 27 March 2008

I Love Dustin Hoffman

I just do.

One night a long time ago I was asked who I would want to be stranded with on a desert island. Dustin, no contest. Meanwhile my friend Simon spent twenty minutes agonising between two porn stars (before settling on Vanessa Blue). I admit that I didn't think of sex first (though Dustin, I would) and had I then maybe my answer would have drifted more toward the likes of Emmanuel Petit (1998 version) but I remain true to my first instinct. He just seems fun, funny. Engaging. Engaged.

Have you heard the story about Dustin cooking scrambled egg for six (including Kevin Spacey and Rupert Everett) in the Groucho Club kitchens at dawn following the Bafta awards? I choose to believe it. Because I love Dustin Hoffman.

I just saw him on TMZ being tailed by peristent paps. They kept asking him who he'd vote for Hillary or Obama, he kept schtum, then his mobile rang and he answered deadpan 'Hi Barack, what's up?'.

He is seventy years old. Seventy. But I still would.

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